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About Star Studios...
About us
Star Studios operates from one of the oldest and prestigious ballroom venues in Australia, Established circa 1962, Star Studios (then known as Star Ballroom) has produced some of Australia's and the world's leading Dancesport / ballroom dancers.

Star Studios is a Dancesport Australia Registered Teaching Facility.

It is our mission to provide customers with a friendly, sociable, professional, ethical (no-contracts)
environment in which to improve their dancing skills.

Teaching Staff / Coaches & Support Crew

Ross McCaffer Timothy Cole
John Gregory Maria Pople
Sarlote Jakse Meagen Alderton
David Coleman Lorraine Jolly
Nathan Meyers Anna Shekin
Andrew Nolo Cassie Bayden
Wayne Douglas Zoe White
Beryl Hooper Daniel Luke
Lisa Hooper Stephanie Bauer
Anna Longmore Alan Tentser
Christina MC Jak Wilson
Yuri Stroungis